Join hands with us to bring many more into a deeper connection with Christ through the Spiritual Exercises.

Your monthly gift of $22, $55 or $77 will sustain the Center and help us to bring the transforming love of Christ to more spiritually hungry people across the KC metro area.

As a Sustainers Circle member, you can make safe and convenient monthly donations directly through your credit card. Your monthly donation provides us with reliable support, ensures speedy delivery of your gift, and saves trees by decreasing paperwork.

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“The Spiritual Exercises were a turning point in my life, and I want to help others experience that power and grace. Monthly giving through Sustainers Circle is an easy way to support the Center and its good work.”—KATE HODEL, JULY 2018


“I haven’t found a better way to help a person experience God than through guiding the Spiritual Exercises. They truly are a gem for the people, a secret that many more need to know about! Monthly giving through Sustainers Circle means more can experience the love of Christ.” —TOM MORSE-BROWN, July 2018


“My own experience of the Spiritual Exercises was only the beginning of a transformative journey which continues to surprise me every day, every moment. It is indeed life changing. I’m excited to join Sustainers Circle and enable many others to experience this gift.”—MARY ETTA O'NEIL, July 2018

Our monthly Sustainers Circle members receive:

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