I trust you all are enjoying the beautiful Kansas City weather and the season of summer is unfolding gently for each one of you. 

In these final weeks of June, following three and a half years serving as Executive Director of ISC, I am preparing to pass the baton to my successor Susan Friedrichsen. My heart is filled with gratitude for all that we, as a community, have learned and achieved together. 

I would like to extend special thanks to our staff and prayer guides for your dedication and service to ISC during my tenure. It is with delight and confidence in our Board of Directors decision that I wish Susan every success in her role as Executive Director effective July, 2019.

May your summer be full of God’s surprises and joy!


Jim Caccamo.

Greetings fellow pilgrims!

I am very grateful to follow in Jim Caccamo’s footsteps and hope to keep up the same enthusiasm and energy that he has given the Center these last three plus years. I look forward to journeying with you all in this new role for me, which officially begins on July 1st.

A little of my story… I began my journey with the Ignatian Spirituality Center in the summer of 2004 at a Come & See hosted at Rockhurst High School and subsequently applied to make the Exercises. I was parched for a deeper more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and in making the Exercises and completing them the following spring, I found myself filled with His Living Water. Every year thereafter, I participated in whatever the Ignatian Spirituality Center offered and found a home in this community of pilgrims who have made the Spiritual Exercises or have been impacted by them. From attending the Breakfast Club, Prayer Companions and learning to guide others, I looked to be further formed and earned a graduate certificate in Spiritual Direction and a M.A. in Christian Spirituality from Creighton University in 2012 and 2016, respectively.

Since 2010, I have been involved in that leadership of teaching Prayer Companions to those who have made the Exercises. I currently work with Ignatian prayer guides through mentoring first and second year guides and in teaching additional formation programs for all of our guides. I have been a member of the ISC Board of Trustees for three years in addition to being a staff member and member of our Program Planning Committee since 2010.

On reflecting on my experience with the Center, I realize I was consistently encouraged and formed by those who led and labored in the Center since 2004, especially James Blumeyer, SJ, Vernon Heinsz, SJ, Kate Pope Hodel, and Stephen Yavorsky, SJ. With Christ’s help and lead, I hope to continue our heritage of formation and encouragement in promoting Christ and the Spiritual Exercises as Executive Director of the Ignatian Spirituality Center of Kansas City.

May this summer for you be blessed and filled with the Holy Spirit and the peace of Christ.

Friends in the Lord,

Susan Friedrichsen