The Gospel of St. John tells us, “His own people received Him not” (John 1:11). We reject him too many times, we prefer to remain closed in our errors and the anxiety of our sins. But Jesus does not desist and never ceases to offer Himself and His grace, which saves us! Jesus is patient; He knows how to wait, and He waits for us always. This is a message of hope, a message of salvation, ancient and ever new. And we are called to witness with joy to this message of the Gospel of life, to the Gospel of light, of hope, and of love. For Jesus’ message is this: life, light hope, and love.


Jesus is all mercy. Jesus is all love: He is God made man. Each of us is that little lost lamb, the coin that was mislaid; each one of us is that son who has squandered his freedom on false idols, illusions of happiness, and has lost everything. But God does not forget us; the Father never abandons us! He respects our freedom, but He remains faithful forever. And when we come back to Him, He welcomes us like children into his house, for He never ceases, not for one instant, to wait for us with love. And His heart rejoices over every child who returns. He is celebrating because He is joy. God has this joy, when one of us sinners goes to him and asks His forgiveness.

Excerpt from 'The Joy of Discipleship' by Pope Francis