Peer Supervision INSTRUCTION



After completing 2 years of mentoring, our trainee Ignatian prayer guides participate in Peer Supervision Instruction for the following three years of guiding the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life.

The purpose of Peer Supervision Instruction is to gain an introductory level of competencies in the practice. These competencies include increasing levels of skills training and contemplative practices, including self-reflection and self-awareness in relation to God acting in both directee and self in the practice of guiding the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life.

Peer Supervision Instruction also aims to help a prayer guide grow in interior freedom in order to stay with a directee’s experiences and to be attentive to God during sessions guiding the Spiritual Exercises.

Peer Supervision Instruction is in group format and is interactive and dynamic in nature.

The Class of 2018 will commence with a Welcoming Session on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 (7-8:30pm). Peer Supervision Sessions start Saturday October 20th (9-11.30am) and meet monthly thereafter (except November 2018 and January and March 2019) on December 2nd 2018,  February 2, 2019 and April 13, 2019.

There is no cost for Peer Supervision Instruction. Peer Supervision Instruction is an integral part of our Ignatian prayer guides training. Our prayer guides are volunteers in the Ignatian Spirituality Program.


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